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Dr. Sharda Jain
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on 4th – 5 th August 2014

Doctors who attended Certificate Course of IUI & Ovarian Stimulation Protocols

Dr. Anita Sabharwal
South Delhi

Dr. Manju Singh
Satna M.P

Dr. Samta Agarwal
East Delhi

Dr. Anju Rai

Dr. Aparna Gupta
East Delhi

Dr Ila Nirvikar
East Delhi

Our Feedback of DGF’s Certificate Course of I.U.I
Dr. Manju Puri from Satna ( MP)
I have come all the way from Madhya Pradesh to attend IUI certificate & basic ultrasound course. very effort of mine was worthwhile. This course was an eye-opener. Everyone was so kind and warm hearted & ready to share every thing. I will attend all other courses offered by this centre

Dr. Ila Nivraleen
The worshop was of very high standard . All lectures were informative and interactive. We got a good experience of preparing semen on our own –this was best, to make confident . I want to attend other courses of ultrasound and IVF at this centre.

Dr. Samta Agarwal
The ambience was good. Lifecare centre is accessible as it is near metro station . Thus I could reach easily despite staying in west delhi . Please continue organizing such type of courses as they are very beneficial and informative for beginners like us. Hats oh to team , no words for them

Dr. Anita Sabharwal.
We felt extremely welcome and at home. Practical tips about semen preparation and IUI protocols were very useful. Please inform us about other courses as we wish to attend them. Pease call for annual function of lifecare centre & lifecare IVF to celebrate happiness together

Dr. Aparna Gupta
It was a very informative course.. The venue, ambience and food was very good and homely. The centre is Easily accessible and parking space in available. I feel very confident to start my own infertility practiced IUI lab after this course.

Dr. Anju rai
We felt very free to ask our queries and discuss cases. All lectures were very practical. Informative with plenty of time for discussion . We got enough experience with semen preparation. I Shall attend other course also special thanks to Gr888 team.