Dr. Sharda Jain
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Dr. Sharda Jain
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on 7th – 8th July 2014

Doctors who attended Certificate Course of IUI & Ovarian Stimulation Protocols

Dr. Rhythm Ahuja
West Delhi

Dr Shalini Tiwari
East Delhi

Dr Neetu Punia

Dr Namitha Kapoor
South Delhi

Dr. Kanta Hardas Jola Rohtak

Dr. Uma Laxmi
West Delhi

Our Feedback of DGF’s Certificate Course of I.U.I
  1. This is my second course at lifecare Centre. This certificate course in IUI was Very very informative and interactive training course. Simple word class hands on training not seen in India. It is requested that DGF& Lifecare IVF should promote & advertise this training programme widely for gynaecologists
    Dr Rhythm Ahuja

  2. Hands on experience of semen preparation was excellent. Rare opportunity to do it ourselves and independently. Every aspect of IUI was touched in 8 PPTs by senior teachers in very interactive way. The most beautiful part was all material was given to us in pen drive.
    DR. Shalini Tiwari

  3. Great course!! Great team!! Great Experience!! Each one of us was given enough hands on experience which gave us confidence to start of IUI lab of our own . Thank you Dr. Sharda Jain & your great team
    Dr. Namitha Kapoor

  4. Excellent hands on training experience. Very satisfactory. All theoretical aspects where taken care . I am simply impressed & would like to come back for future courses in infertility , ultrasound & IVF shortly.
    Dr. Neetu Punia

  5. Overall arrangement and discussion was very good. Multiple tips where given by the training team. Total experience was very satisfying to infuse enthusiasm to start IUI lab. Tour of IVF lab was excellent & eye opener. Not a minute was wasted from 8am – 4pm
    Dr. Uma Laxmi

  6. Learnt a lot about all aspects of IUI and Infertility in general in detail. Hats off to this marvelous team!!. They practice & do what they teach. Thank you very much. I am going to do each & every course offered at Lifecare IVF
    Dr. Kanta Hardas Jola