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Basis & Advanced Training Course in Male & Female Infertility
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Basic course in Female infertility

at on 31st Sep – 12th Nov 2015

Doctors who attended Certificate Course of

Basic course in Female infertility

Dr. Seema Chopra from Jitar Nagar, Delhi 51 (M) 9810162689

A wonderful experience , very informative all the teachers were wonderful guided a lots of hand – on & IVF – ICSI procedures

Dr Gurinder Singh from Devnandini Hosp. Hapur (M) 9358900952

I joining this course to learn the skill of embryology . I am felling satisfies. All lecture are informative & I have learnt lot of hand on all teacher & staff is friendly behavior they are eager to help your to impressive your skill & knowledge . I thank al of them for making me more wise I recommended this course to all my friends Thanks lifecare

Dr. Puja Dewan from Mayur Vihar (M) 9654958512

This training programme has been truly an excellent experience fro me. All the topics ranging from male partner examination , semen analysis & sperm function test to female investigations, induction protocols & various ART procedure have been covered in detail, with good hands – on training it has given me the know – ho & the confidence to start my own IUI lab. I really want to thank Dr Sharda Jain & all other teachers for their dedicated teaching & genuine help in dealing with our various problems & their assurance for continue support & guidance

D. Vibha Bansal from Sec. – 19 Noida (M) 9818672708

Very nicely organized course. Excellent hands on andrology. very warm & friendly teaching faculty. Supporting staff also very helpful and warm . IVF – ICSI embryology an absolutely new world case discussion good. One of the best interactive course I have attendance so far Every participants received individual attention from the faculty Thanks for one of the best course