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Dr. Sharda Jain
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Basis & Advanced Training Course in Male & Female Infertility

Introductory Course in IVF – ICSI

on 19th - 31st January 2015

Doctors who attended Certificate Course of

Introductory Course in IVF – ICSI & Embryology

Dr. Gunjan Gupta from Indirapuram (M) 09971011202

Excellent training with lots of interactive sessions and hands on training in semen preparation and ovum handing and embryo transfer. This course has given me a wonderful insight into this enigmatic field of both clinical work up and embryology. The best part has been the open ness of all consultants and especially Dr. Sharda Jain, Dr. Sushma Ved and everybody else who gave us many practical tips and were ready to clear all queries.
I highly recommend this course

Dr. Deepti Nabh from Jagriti enclave Delhi (M) 9810212166

My Training period at Life care has been one of the best sessions of my career. Individual attention by the faculty members, rigorous hands on training, constant encouragement to ask as many questions as we could and the last but not the least the terrific magnanimity of the entire faculty to tell us everything even the minutest test detail without hesitation was very trusting The practical part was superb more so because, I have attended previous courses too.. Embryology was amazing, free access to the pristine “ touch me not labs” was another very heart warning part of the session. Of courses the smile on the face of every member & staff of Life care- the yummy snacks rounded off my experience . A since thanks o each of every faculty members of Life care. Hops soon I will work each one of I m proud jeering me prosper my IVF practice.
Dr. Shiwali Tripathhi from MAMC , New Delhi (M) 78386207373

I am highly obliged to lifecare team for everything me for seen a nice, well planned & informative course of IVF & ICSI. The whole team did a very commendable job. Starting from Malti to Dr. ShardaJain madam the commitment to the course was excellent embryology part was the brightest one everything was explained & demonstrated well by Dr. Sushma Ved & Dr. Aruna Saxena. The procedure shown to us was very clear. We have shown 4 Ovum pickup & 4 embryo transfer. Given hands on sperm preparation & embryo loading. The only thing which I was add to the courses is that we should be given chance to impart & counsel the patients whole Life care team is even to be a big round of applause for organizing such a nice course.

Dr. Monika Dayal from New Delhi (M) 9811000181

Through out the course. I enjoyed my student life and revised the things. Spiritual on part was the one when I was taught by our believed Dr. Sharda Jain. Know U thus birth and pervious birth determine our destiny. Many is like and which should not be clear in our first . Generosity is practical rips were very urgent. I wish that in renal course. Counseling 8 pt in OPD chamber should be decorated fellows on thus is the subjects.
In which we all one very weak thanks for organizing the workshop and endear on showed by your organization Hat’s off Dr. You

Dr. Aparna Singhal from Gurgaon(M) 9911021567

This is an excellent thank in all the new world at infertility and ART . All the sessions were very intention and practical ointment . this is very much helpful to like us who has recently stopped in private practice. We got al clinical I embryological knowledge with hands on embryology. Thanks a ton to Dr. Sharda Jain and team to such a wonderful training in this field and special thanks to Dr. Sushma & Dr. Aruna for embryology which we never done before till now.

DR. NAMITHA KAPOOR from Kalkaji south Delhi (M) 99100055870

Wonderful introduction to a new world . There cannot be a better platform than this for beginners. Every tip was explained in detail. Male infertility was covered in detail. Felt very free to interact & clear doubts
Thank you so much for the lovely hospitality. You are the best . This courses is indeed. The best in the country.